Top Questions You Should Ask a Piano Mover Before Signing a Contract

Your piano is the focal point of your living space. This instrument arouses curiosity and inspires respect. So, if you’re wondering how to transport a piano, it seems to be sometime burdensome.

The problem is that not everyone is competent to move pianos safely and effectively.

While many movers claim they can “manage the task,” the truth is that they are likely inexperienced in this relocation. You just cannot afford to take such a risk.

To get to the bottom line, you must ask some probing questions. Before signing a contract, here are a few questions to ask a piano mover.


  • How Long Have You Been In This Business?

The most important factor to guide your decision is how experienced the mover is with the work. It would be much safer for you to employ a firm that has prior expertise in moving a piano.


  • How Can You Qualify To Move Such a Magnificent Instrument?

You always deserve the highest security from the piano moving business you’ve chosen. Inquire about the references, and the company will gladly provide them. A company that doesn’t have many evaluations to brag about would not inform you about its prior customers.


  • What Is Your Moving Method?

While you can trust an experienced moving expert to execute the job correctly, knowing their method before the work begins can give you peace of mind. Specialists have a lot of expertise transporting expensive grand pianos, which is vital to know if you have a huge and hefty instrument.

They will also question the piano’s weight and the route from your home. The more difficult it is to depart, the more people and equipment will be required. The idea is always to carry the piano as evenly as possible, avoiding any jostling along the route.


  • Are You Insured?

When looking for a piano mover, it’s critical to ensure they’re insured. This will safeguard you if something goes wrong during the migration. As a result, inquire about their insurance coverage and what it covers.


  • How will Your Logistics Work?

A piano moving service is not interested in knowing every aspect of a piano move. However, in other cases, having a wide idea is beneficial. In truth, those eventualities occur when your own costly equipment is transferred a particular distance.

You must understand exactly how your movers will pack and transport the piano. This provides you with a lot of peace of mind while you’re preparing for everything else in the relocation process. You must comprehend the complexity involved in even one inch of piano movement. Your monitoring will be essential as they complete their work.


  • What Are the Chances of My Piano Being Damaged?

Understand that piano movers aren’t flawless if they respond with 0%. They are not that good if they are overconfident. An experienced piano moving company will be as open and honest with you as possible.

Their response should be determined by the distance the instrument must be moved. For example, if they have to transfer it from the second level, they will advise you that there is always the chance of minor damage. What makes potential piano movers an ideal choice is their ability to impress you and their commitment to protecting your piano during the procedure.


Bonus Tip

Note how they respond to these questions-

Before contacting a piano mover over the phone, check out their website. If their spoken responses reflect the website’s claim, they are most likely genuine and skilled. Don’t allow them to shift the subject and be firm in your requests.


When you are clear on these questions and answers from piano moving services, you will know how to go from here.

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