Piano Movers Need to Consider These 4 Factors When Moving Long-Distance

Given its size, shape, fragility, and weight, moving a piano efficiently is not a simple task; however, experienced and knowledgeable long-distance piano movers, like the team at Forte Piano Movers, can transfer these incredible instruments with ease.

Your piano moving team will consider the following four factors:


  1. Size and Weight of Piano

A keyboard can weigh anywhere between a few hundred to over 1,000 pounds. This makes moving them dangerous and something that experts should only do. Piano movers are equipped with the tools and machinery to move safely, lift, and transfer these instruments without harming any of their fragile parts.


  1. Environmental Factor

When moving the piano, consider how bad weather, such as a lot of snow or rain, may affect the route from your house to the vehicle.


  1. Staircase

Piano movers will need to make a deliberate and careful path through this if your piano is put in a room on the second story of your house. Narrow stairs or those with bends and curves can move even more difficult. Professional movers can typically overcome this difficulty and move your instrument securely to the ground floor.


  1. Obstructions

The quantity and type of obstacles in the route from the piano to the moving vehicle are crucial factors that piano movers must consider, when carrying a piano. To move the piano securely and cautiously toward their vehicle, expert piano movers have to maneuver around these objects or arrange for their removal.


Final Thoughts

Talk to your trusted team of pros at Forte Piano Movers if you are thinking about employing professional piano movers to transport your priceless instrument safely and more carefully. We will try our best to help you and move your piano with the care and proficiency we are renowned for in the US.