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Console pianos are one of the most complex instruments a piano enthusiast can buy. As a result, our clients consider us top-notch piano moving experts. The console is somewhat of an upright piano. However, our experts know that they vary considerably from grand pianos in one crucial manner: the movement of the hammer upon these strings is vertical instead of horizontal. 

Due to this, our experts at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh take special care while moving a console piano. In pianos, every touch pulls with gravity and on smaller strings. In addition, these pianos have a more resonant and steady sound, so we take extra precautions while transferring these types of pianos. 

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As you may know, upright pianos are expensive. However, they fill up less room while still producing high-quality music. Console pianos are the most prominent among all upright pianos. Our professionals understand the relationship a musician has with their piano. We know how attached you are to your console piano, which is why we recommend hiring us to move it for you. 

Console pianos are substantially bigger than Spinets. They have widths ranging from 40 to 43 lengths and a depth of 58 inches. Considering all of these factors, we at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh will help you move your piano efficiently. Our piano mover Pittsburgh residents love will safely move your piano so that you don’t end up damaging it.

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FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh is one of the largest and most devoted piano moving companies in the area. Our movers are aware of your love for your piano, and our goal is to treat each instrument with the highest care and consideration.

Here’s what makes us stand out when it comes to piano moving Pittsburgh musicians love: 

  • We now serve the whole Pittsburgh region as well as the surrounding areas.
  • We have a hundred-person professional workforce that works together on a full-time basis.
  • We possess trucks, trailers, and warehouses that are climate conditioned and ready to move your piano. 
  •  There are Air-Ride Hydraulically gates included in our vehicles. 
  • Our piano movers have the appropriate experience and equipment needed to move pianos properly. 
  • Our firm has an ATV shuttle truck, e-track piano movable panels, and specialized tools. For instance, bespoke dollies are among the items available.
  • Each piano movement will be by two-person teams that work in unison day after day.
  • There are no third parties involved in the transfer. Our firm’s facility is in charge of everything.
  • The price is deemed reasonable for every piano relocation.

It does not matter what type of console piano you have. Regardless of whether it is a wooden piano or constructed with any other material, we take our job seriously. You can either email us or fill in the given form to learn more about our services. 

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We are a certified family-owned piano moving company based in Pittsburgh, where we serve the residents of Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods. We take great pride in our work since we know how vital your piano is. We are happy to provide free quotes regarding transferring a piano to your home, work premises, or other location. So call or email our team today to hire our Pittsburgh piano movers! We offer trustworthy services to each of our clients. We’ll help alleviate the stress of moving for you. Our professionals will make sure that everything goes well. We understand your piano’s worth and sentimental value, so we will ensure that your piano is brought precisely to its new location in the exact condition as when it left. We are transporting pianos regionally and all over the US. We can provide you with a free quote today! For an estimate regarding the cost of moving pianos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, contact us now.