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One of the most challenging pieces of furniture to move is the piano. Considering the odd and heavy shape of pianos, they are often regarded as difficult to move. However, our professional piano mover Pittsburgh residents love will move your piano quickly and efficiently.

We have years of experience moving pianos at an affordable rate.

Being professionals in our field, we have assisted several piano owners over the years.

However, it is essential to have the right set of skills when it comes to piano moving. Whether you want to move it across the room or several states, our professional movers can assist you in the process.

At FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, we have all the necessary equipment needed to move your piano successfully.

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Extremely Heavy Baby Piano Moving

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If the piano is extremely heavy, our piano movers can assist you in the process. Pianos often weigh from 400lbs to 1300lbs, and since they are one of the most severe pieces of furniture in your house, you need professionals who can help move them (such as the baby grand pianos, which have a top-heavy body and three legs.) Homeowners who want their piano safely relocated rely on us because we can move even the heaviest pianos with ease and skill.

Pianos are valuable instruments, so you cannot afford to lose them. On the other hand, they are costly, and most people have sentimental values attached to them. We are aware of how close one can be to their piano. As professional piano movers, we will assist you in the process of moving your piano without causing any damage to it. 

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Pianos are known for their exterior and interior beauty. Unfortunately, even minor damage will affect the sound quality, which makes them challenging to play. If you don’t want to affect the excellent sound quality of your piano and are planning a move, you need to work with professional piano movers like us. 

At FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, we will assist you with the entire process of moving your piano. Since they are pretty heavy, carrying them on your own can be pretty tough. However, we have the right equipment and staffing to help you with piano moving. Pittsburgh piano owners need to utilize our services.  

We will not cause any damage to your piano, and we will securely move it from one location to another. Pianos aren’t just heavy furniture; they are complex instruments, so they are prone to damage too. Therefore, we will help you move it securely. 

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When it comes to piano moving, Pittsburgh residents need to choose professionals. Hiring an inexperienced person who does not know how to move a piano properly can land you in trouble and cause excessive damage to the piano. We promise to treat your piano like it was our own and ensure no harm befalls your instrument during the moving process.

As professionals, we guarantee you the best services at affordable rates. Our main goal is to assist you in the entire process without causing any expensive damage. For example, regular movers can help you with moving furniture, but not pianos. So, for pianos, you need to work with someone who can guarantee a safe move.

FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh takes pride in offering you the best services at affordable rates. If you need any exclusive services, you can get in touch with us today!

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We are a certified family-owned piano moving company based in Pittsburgh, where we serve the residents of Pittsburgh and its surrounding neighborhoods. We take great pride in our work since we know how vital your piano is. We are happy to provide free quotes regarding transferring a piano to your home, work premises, or other location. So call or email our team today to hire our Pittsburgh piano movers! We offer trustworthy services to each of our clients. We’ll help alleviate the stress of moving for you. Our professionals will make sure that everything goes well. We understand your piano’s worth and sentimental value, so we will ensure that your piano is brought precisely to its new location in the exact condition as when it left. We are transporting pianos regionally and all over the US. We can provide you with a free quote today! For an estimate regarding the cost of moving pianos in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, contact us now.