The Piano Movers Pittsburgh team is one of the best in business. Whether you need us for a residential or commercial piano move, we're on point every single time!

If you have a piano that needs moving, give FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh a call. We’re here for all of our customers’ residential and commercial moving needs. We’ll take care of loading and unloading every type of instrument, so it  can have a home as soon as possible!

As a Pittsburgh family-owned piano moving company, we offer services in the area to cover your basic and advanced piano moving needs. We are a full service piano moving company that is a step above all other piano moving companies.

At FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, we know how important it is to keep your piano protected while moving. Therefore, we follow the best practices for completing a piano move. Our team members do a perfect job of protecting these delicate instruments from damage or dirt that may occur during transport.

Our experienced movers will carefully move any bulky upright pianos and heavy grand concert models without damaging them, so they arrive safely at their new homes!

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When it Comes to Moving a Piano, FORTE Piano Moving Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is the Name that Comes First to Mind!

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Who can move a piano like the pros at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA? With decades of experience and an expert crew, we've got you covered!

Pittsburgh, PA, area residents know they can rely on our team, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, to care for their pianos. We ensure the piano is in top condition through our moving process by using proper equipment and packing techniques to avoid damage during transport.

Our team at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, has all the proper instruments to make your piano move seamless and stress-free for you. First, we wrap up any piano parts in blankets before loading them onto the truck, and then we lift it off of a board placed on two other layers: first, flooring pads or carpet squares. Once lifted high enough so no part will be touching the ground during transport, our movers can separate those rear legs.

Our team, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, will pack the components such as a piano board and other add-ons onto our specially designed dollies to ensure your instrument arrives safely. We offer free quotes, so don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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When you need to move your piano, please don’t risk it by moving yourself! 


Hiring moving professionals is the best way. FORTE Piano movers Pittsburgh have years of experience. We provide proper care for these large instruments by following strict protocols during all piano moves. Our clients are guaranteed to receive all of their shipments without damage. 


Whether you’re moving between houses, have business needs, or just want to move your piano down the stairs, we can move your instrument efficiently and safely.


No one else has the expertise that Forte Piano Movers has. We urge you to give us a call today to request a free quote. Once you hire us, you won’t want to use anyone else going forward. Our guys know how to carefully get your piano to its next destination. Schedule your piano move now!


Our team of expert piano movers is the best choice for Pittsburgh residents who need a company that will move their instruments with care. From moving residences to moving your piano out of storage, we can tackle any job. 


We guarantee FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, will take good care of your instrument whether it be an upright or grand concert piano or anything in between!


Piano mover’s services in Pittsburg provide customers not only peace of mind but also cost-effectiveness when considering other companies’ rates, all while providing top-notch service! We handle pianos with the utmost care, and we know how to make your move most efficient.


The team at FORTE Piano mover Pittsburgh are professionals who will move your piano with care and efficiency. Call us and get your quote immediately. 


We can schedule your move as soon as tomorrow in some cases! There will be no delay in your family enjoying the music and ambience that a piano brings to your home. It’s more than just a piece of furniture, and we understand that.

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When you need your piano moved around the Pittsburgh area, we recommend picking a date and booking FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh. Our team comprises of professional movers with years of experience in this field to ensure that everything goes smoothly from start to finish!

Pianos are expensive and valuable art pieces, so no one wants it to get damaged. One way that you might be able to move your lighter piano type without hiring professional companies is by renting trucks for the task and other equipment needed, such as dollies or slide boards. However, this can get expensive, especially if there is damage done during transport! So for that, booking professionals like our team, FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh, will be your salvation to your problems. We are one of the best Piano Movers in Pittsburgh, PA, so don’t hesitate to call us and book a date so that we will help you as soon as possible.

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When you need Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA area, we’re the team for you. Our experienced drivers know how to get everything to and from locations – all while making sure that your precious instrument remains safe during transit! We can carefully move your piano wherever you like at an affordable rate!

Our movers are professionals who will take care of your precious instruments. The FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh team provides wood crates and customized spaces for safe transport when needed, so you can be sure that nothing happens during the process!

Moving a piano is not an easy task. While the act of moving can be simple, it’s after one considers all aspects that go with this process – such as proper tools and training that will make or break their endeavor in getting this done fast enough without damaging anything along the way. Whether it’s moving your family piano into a local storage facility, or a commercial move for an upcoming concert,  call us because we are the best Piano Mover Pittsburgh area, and we will solve your problem!

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Any Piano Movers FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh Hires Are Nothing but the Best!

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When you want to relocate your piano, calling FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh is the best option in the local area. We have the best equipment that any other company can’t offer. In addition, our team’s experience is quite extensive as we have been doing these services for many years.

Our team of experts at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, has all the proper instruments to carry your precious instrument. In addition, we have trucks that provide special storage and care during transport. Your piano won’t be crammed into a corner with other things bumping up against it. We can transport any piano to any place, whether it is long-distance or short. Firstly, to not damage your piano, we will detach all the parts to ensure that your piano stays safe during the movement. Furthermore, we have special wrapping packs to cover your piano from any scratches during transportation.

To receive a free quote and learn more about Piano Mover Pittsburgh, please call us today, and we will answer your questions with pleasure!

A piano is a versatile instrument that you can use for many occasions. For example, baby grand pianos are among the most popular types because they’re compact and portable for home use or entertaining guests who come over without needing an entire concert hall to accommodate them! They also have strings attached vertically instead of horizontally, making this type easier on your fingers than other types.

Our professionals at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh will handle any piano safely. Our FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh team has a lot of experience in this, so by calling us, you will have stress-free piano relocation!

If you’re looking for an instrument to play while practicing, there’s not much difference between the three varieties. 


However, if your goal is performance or enjoyment of music in general, it becomes crucial that we differentiate these types! Baby grands have a higher-pitched tone because they’re shorter, making them more challenging to play loud passages on without vibrating heavily, causing feedback. 


It also makes their sound sharper and less volume overall, which might be what people like about them so much when compared against other models at lower price points. 


But, of course, this precious instrument needs care when it’s transported, so for that calling us, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, is a good choice for your safe Baby Grand Piano Moving.

Baby grand piano movers in Pittsburgh
Grand Piano Moving Pittsburgh PA

Concert grand pianos have been the standard for decades. You can see them in professional venues and indie music festivals all around Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, or even North & South America. 


These instruments can produce a more powerful sound than other models on sale today due to their resonant chamber design, which was initially used by concert musicians centuries ago when they needed an excellent pitch without needing too much equipment. These pianos need extreme caution when it’s moved from a place to place or put in storage. 


Call us cause we are the best Piano Movers Pittsburgh!


A grand piano is a larger than average kind of musical instrument. These instruments are typically 7 – 10 feet long and have designs that match the concert settings to stay in line with an orchestra’s volume levels, but this doesn’t mean they’re too big for your home! 

The concert piano has longer strings, but it sounds better than other pianos because of its lower resonance. 


These majestic instruments are favorites among world-class musicians due to their superior sound, so moving them from one place to another without the help of professionals will most likely cause serious problems. 


Calling us at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, will make the job easier for you.


We are one of the best Piano Mover Pittsburgh companies. So if you have a piano that needs moving to a new home or storage facility, please give us a call today!

An upright piano is a type of piano with vertical string alignment and is typically more compact. The upright piano is a popular choice for those who want to play with an authentic feel. The sound can vary depending on where you live. Still, most people associate twangy tones from these pianos due to their historical use in homes and bars at one point during America’s evolution as both country and jazz music became well-known worldwide. Therefore, a twangy sound is more typical with upright pianos. 

Upright pianos need careful handling during relocation and transportation, so calling the best Piano Mover Pittsburgh area will be the best decision for you. We at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh will show you the best piano moving services that you haven’t seen anywhere else yet!

Though the upright piano has been around for centuries, it’s only recently that some have taken to calling them “professional” models. 

Spinets are three-legged behemoths with exquisite lids and intricate machinations. Inside, you will find flat soundboards that hold hammers and strings, making this musical instrument look like a square box with keys coming up from the pack – an elegant piece of equipment for any classical music enthusiast!

For your safe relocation, only experienced movers who have been working in this field for many years can do it as it is like a piece of cake. And our team at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, are simply the best piano movers who can handle and carry any piano to any place without doing any damage to them! So call us, and we will help you with this!

PA Pittsburgh upright piano transportation
Spinet moving in Pittsburgh PA

Spinets are a type of piano invented in the 1930s to meet consumer demands for shorter and more compact models. Unfortunately, these key-and hammer mechanisms work below average compared to other instruments and they have extra parts such as those found on concert grand pianos, which can take up valuable space inside an already small home or office building’s interior. However, by moving this precious device, you don`t want to cause damage to it. Our team at FORTE, Piano Movers Pittsburgh, has special instruments to move your piano without damaging your home or your precious device itself!

In a spinet, the hammers and keys are linked. This complexity makes repairs difficult because it is hard to isolate issues with only one instrument section without affecting others. In addition, it means if you make mistakes when you move it, you can say that your piano is no more in play. Therefore, these delicate pianos mostly need the help of professionals who can handle them without problems. If you need a piano moving service in the Pittsburgh area, reaching our company will be the best option. Here at FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh, we specialize in moving any piano to any location, whether long or short distances.

The spinet is a piano that you can play without having to touch any wires. This innovative design makes it perfect for those who are just learning how to play. These pianos are delicate instruments, and they need pure care when you want to transport them. FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, the team has muscles to carry and handle any heavy piano. Call us to get your quote now! We are always ready to help you!

Console pianos are known for their regular pattern of good action, which holds a giant essential linking to the tone and sound. Console piano sizes can range from 40 inches up to 58.

When you need help moving your piano, don’t hesitate to call us. FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh will do the job for you!


The best part about a console piano is that it fits into any space you have available. With these pianos falling under the smallest size category and being some of the most affordable in overall cost for their style level, they make them perfect to buy around your house or office – no matter what type preference there maybe!


The beauty of the console piano is that it has a wide variety to choose from. It means you can find one in any style – classical or jazz sounding! The sound will be more direct because as soon as your hand strikes an upright key with its hammer down towards string, all other keys are mute until it’s time for another strike again, which produces this unique tone we know so well today.


Console pianos are an excellent choice for hobbyists, pianists and a superior option for any electronic piano player these days. Call us if you live in Pittsburgh and search for the best Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA area. FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh will deliver your piano in excellent conditions!

console piano moving in Pittsburgh PA

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Local & Long Distance Moving

Whether you need to transport your piano local or move it long-distance Pittsburgh FORTE Piano Movers the best choice

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Bussines & Residental Specialized Service

We value each of our customers by providing a professional piano transportation service to both commercial and residential clients

Professional service for business and residental piano transportation

Hassle-Free Service

Easy as pie piano moving service. As above mentioned, transportation service with our company done in 3 simple steps

hassle-free Pittsburgh piano moving

Safe & Sound Piano Transportation

The main point in our work it’s the safe delivery of your piano. Trust us! Our experienced movers know how to relocate your piano from point A to point B without any scratches or damages

safe & sound Pittsburgh piano transportation service

Special Piano Moving Protection

Your piano will be moved in special protection material designed especially for piano shipping to avoid any possible damages, for the safest transportation

best piano transportation protection

About FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh Quality Service

We are a certified moving company that specifies in Piano Moving services for many years. We at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh have the best services at affordable prices. We have all necessary tools and equipment to move your piano to any location. Also, our company can move your precious device to long distances at affordable prices.


FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, is simply the best opportunity to ensure your piano`s safe move. Our trucks are specialized to transport any piano regardless of it`s size or weight. You can book a date by filling the form so our pros can move your precious instrument on the day you want. Or call us and get your quote right now!

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Fletch C.
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FORTE Piano Movers just amazing! The best price for a such professional service. Would use them next time!
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I was so impressed by their service, great guys, they know how to do their job. If I need to move my piano again I'll call you because FORTE Piano Movers are the BEST!
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Faith J. Allison
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I would put them 10 stars out of 5 if I only could. I was needed to move my piano the same day, because was leaving Pittsburgh. And I couldn`t imagine that this guys would load my piano in 4 hours! The best ASAP service I've ever seen!


Yes, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh is insured. On top of that piece of mind we will pay attention to every detail during the moving process. Our company has the best experienced movers in the area who can handle any piano moving.

We recommend having your piano moved by FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, a good option in the market for consumers who want good quality service and a reasonable price. We will offer you the safest and best piano moving services. For further information, feel free to reach out today!

Yes, Our experienced team will protect your piano, at all costs. In addition, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh will handle your piano with utmost care during transportation. We have all tools and special vehicle to move any piano.  Each member of our company will ensure that your piano will safely get to the right place on time!

Our team at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, provides affordable services to any person who wants their piano relocated. Your piano is safe with us, and the whole process is stress-free for our clients.

Yes, Our company, FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, has the best offers that are only made for our customer’s needs. We have the best deals that any other company can offer you at this price!

FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh community always takes care of the consumer’s precious instruments as own. by calling us, you can also get your unique quote. 

Our team members have muscles so that they can move your piano without causing damage to your house or to the device itself. So call us, and we will ensure you that your piano gets the right place in extraordinary conditions as before.

Transporting a piano over long distances can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to feel like an impossible task for our company. We at FORTE Piano Movers Pittsburgh, PA, know that your piano is more than precious for you and will do everything in our power so that when we move the piano for you to any place. In addition, our team members will keep in contact throughout the process, which helps us deliver with efficiency – providing right where they said they would on time every single time.

FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh has lorries that can carry your costly device to any place, whether to a long-distance or short.

FORTE Piano Mover’s Pittsburgh, PA, is an experienced and reliable company that offers piano moving services. Although we don’t have storage services, in addition, we have long-distance deliveries. Our team will take care of all the hard work for you, so when we say “relax,” this means it! In addition, we have acquired valuable knowledge over time by following specific rules while moving pianos. 

As a result, our customers can enjoy their instruments without worrying about anything else during transportation, which sometimes causes damage due to improper handling methods used at other companies who may not understand how delicate these instruments are. FORTE Piano Mover Pittsburgh, simply the best company to call for your safe piano relocation!


People Also Ask

The cost of the relocation can vary depending on the size, location, and type of the piano. An average price is around $200-$500 for small pianos.

Not only is it a complicated process, but you’ll also need packing material and at least two people, it may occur problems.

The average cost for a miniature piano varying depending on where you live and what type. $100-200 is often used as the range, though!

It is not recommended to move a piano by yourself due to the heavyweight of the piano, complexity in moving it, and access to special materials to pack it. All these shortcomings could lead to extensive damage.

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