Interesting Ways To Use Your Old Piano

Your once-beautiful and most beloved musical instrument- the piano has got old and needs repair or replacement. So, what would you do in this case? You are in two minds, whether to sell or dispose of it. In this post, we shall clear up this confusion. So stick to the end!


❖ Donate OR Sell Your Old Piano
One of the easiest ways to get rid of your old piano and preferably an ideal option if it’s in working condition. Also, rather than donating it, you can sell it at a bare minimum price.


❖ Repurposing
Yet another creative way to make the best use of your old piano. You can convert it to fountains, planters, or unique bird feeders. However, for aesthetic appeal, you can convert it to a bar.


❖ Removal And Disposal
If none of the above option interest you, you can opt for its disposal at several USA disposal companies. Although, they are pricey for bulkier pianos, ranging to a whopping $2,000.


❖ Lastly, You Can Move It To Your 2nd House
This also can be an exciting way to use your old piano. If you have another dwelling place- like in your countryside or an urban area, you can simply move it across that location using professional piano movers like Forte Piano Movers.


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