Three Things to Check When Hiring a Piano Mover

Many individuals claim to transport a piano securely, but few indeed are. When you face relocating a valuable item, such as a piano, you must be confident in the individuals you employ. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine which firms can be trusted and which cannot. With the ease with which websites can now be created on the internet, merely reading reviews on Google will not provide you with the full picture. It’s difficult to know who has the experience and competence to move to your delicate piano. When choosing a piano mover, keep the following three things in mind:

  1. They have the most recent piano moving machine, which will do all the hard lifting- If you work in the piano industry long enough, you discover that almost no significant piano firms own piano moving equipment. Why is this the case? It’s simple: a piano moving machine has incredibly limited capabilities. These tools are NOT frequently utilized by persons who have moved pianos because of their expensive cost of ownership and limited usefulness.


  1. Can’t readily provide references- Today, all you have to do is build a Google my business webpage, which takes all 5 minutes, and you will be listed as a piano moving company. Because of how easy it is to get in front of clients on Google, people have been notably doing this in the piano industry, as well as many other service businesses.
  2. They claim to be covered, but cannot provide evidence of insurance and/or explain what coverage they have- Every big piano moving company will have proof of insurance on hand to deliver to clients upon request. This is such a regular request that any quality company would fulfill it quickly. Furthermore, it is critical to understand that ordinary “general liability” coverage will not protect your piano while it is being transported. Some shady businesses pretend to have insurance when, in fact, they simply have commercial car insurance for their truck. Don’t get taken in by this. Before doing business with them, get a copy of their certificate of insurance.


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