The Most Common Questions About Piano Moving

Many individuals are misguided as to why a piano mover is necessary. After all, couldn’t typical household movers handle the job? Or can I do it myself? We addressed these and other questions in this blog. Keep an eye out.


  • Why do I need a professional piano mover?

You don’t have the time or energy to spend all day organizing logistics while you’re relocating or need stuff transferred quickly. Still, entrusting your valuable piano to just any mover might cause significant damage and heartbreak. You and your instrument deserve better treatment than that.


  • Can I do it on my own?

Moving a piano is not a do-it-yourself project. Factors contributing to that expenditure include assembling all the piano moving equipment yourself, hiring a custom-designed truck, taking the device out, which exposes it to harm, not having insurance, which adds stress to an already physically demanding task, and so on.

Hiring expert piano movers, on the other hand, will help you save money and hassle.


  • Is it true that moving a piano causes it to get out of tune?

Normally, NO. It depends on the terrain the piano must traverse to reach its destination; although it is more frequent for the piano to get out of tune owing to climatic variations (humidity and temperature) between the old and new locations.


  • Does shifting the piano change the sound of the instrument?

This is a commonly asked question for which you may hear many answers. This question is asked because many people say that their piano sounds different in its new location.

The solution to the question might astound you. No, not at all.

A piano is constructed of wood and steel. Two factors have a direct impact on wood: “Temperature” and “Humidity.” Steel was immediately impacted by temperature. When these two variables change, so does your piano. The more often these two factors alter, the more regularly you must control and tune your piano.


  • Is there anything special I should do at my current residence or the destination?

The most crucial thing you can do to be ready for the relocation is to remove any personal objects from the piano. Furthermore, knowing where the piano will be put in your new house is essential so that expert piano movers can arrange the best approach to transport it there.

However, if necessary, piano movers can handle this as well. If you intend to have your piano movers tune your piano when it arrives at its new home, notify them when organizing your move so that they can prepare all the equipment.


  • Are all piano movers created equal?

Certainly not.

As with any job, there are people with varying levels of experience.

Some occupations, like all others, are better equipped and prepared than others.

Some professionals care about what they do and handle your products with respect, while others do not.

Some professionals, like all others, act with integrity, while others do not.

The key is to choose the best piano mover for you.


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