The Best Way to Move a Piano - Tips From a Professional

First, if you need to transport a piano, we strongly advise you to engage experienced movers, especially if you must manage stairs or elevators.

Pianos are heavy and uncomfortable, but they are highly precious; not to mention the damage you may cause to your home and your back. If you insist on transporting the piano yourself, here are some pointers to keep in mind. Otherwise, hire a professional like Forte Piano Movers.


  • Wrap the piano in cloth

Wrap the piano in blankets or cushioning, paying special attention to the corners, and secure it with packing tape. Keep the tape away from the piano’s surface. Make certain that the blanket/padding is thick enough to protect the piano from any bumps.


  • Moving the piano

Remember not to raise the piano by its legs when moving it, whether onto the furniture dolly, onto the truck, or to another place within the house. The legs are susceptible. Maintain the upright stance of the piano as well. It is not healthy for the inner mechanics to lay it on its side.

Place the movable straps beneath the piano’s bottom, with one strap on each end, with two persons on each end. Lift the piano onto the furniture dolly with one person holding one end of the strap (you should now have four people helping, each supporting one of the four corners).

Now secure it, making sure the piano legs are flat on the dolly. If the piano has casters, either lock them in place (if feasible) or make sure the piano is properly secured.


  • Seek assistance

Remember that pianos are not only heavy, but also uncomfortable. Uprights bear all of their weight in the upper half, and their legs and feet might be frail, so you will need a few extra hands to assist.


  • Once the piano is in place

Every time a piano is transported, it must be tuned. While pianos appear to be substantial items, their inner workings are sensitive to motions and shocks. A competent tuner will restore its original tone. Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Hope these tips helped. Contact Forte Piano Movers at 412-756-6399.