Moving a piano? Here are some tips for protecting your wood floors

Whether you are transferring to another location or transporting the instrument across rooms in your house, it is critical to remember that a piano is not simply another piece of furniture. Wiring, pedals, and other fragile elements of pianos must be safeguarded from harm.

This article will go over some suggestions for safeguarding your wood flooring while moving a piano.

Caster Cups

Do you understand what caster cups are? They are little round or square covers that are placed beneath large and heavy furniture pieces such as couches, pianos, and tables.

They aid in the prevention of scratches and damage to any floor surfaces in your home or if you are moving furniture.

These are excellent solutions for assisting you in transferring your piano across hardwood flooring.

They often have felt bottoms that give a smooth and sturdy covering to protect the piano’s feet from the hardwood floors.

Furniture Dolly

The second method for moving a piano over a hardwood floor is to utilize a furniture dolly. These are available for rent by the day and allow you to raise the piano onto the dolly before pushing it. Before being hoisted onto the dolly, the piano’s casters and, ideally, legs must be removed.

Although the wheels of furniture dollys are meant to be gentler on hardwood floors, extreme caution should be given when transporting a big object across such a surface.

As a result, the lifting approach described above is the preferred option, allowing you to listen to your favorite music in a different room or even a new house.

Don’t be hesitant to seek expert assistance

Arranging and carrying out your house relocation will not only save you money but also provide you with a feeling of accomplishment.

However, you must realize your limitations, and transporting a piano is one of them. During the removal procedure, pianos provide two physical challenges: they are exceedingly heavy, and their uneven design can make them awkward and difficult to handle.

As a result, if you’re moving house with a piano, it could be a good idea to hire movers, especially if you’re trying to transfer it over the hardwood flooring.

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