What instruments other than a piano can be moved by piano movers?

If you’re planning on moving your piano for the first time, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure a smooth and successful move. Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your first piano move:

1. Hire professional movers who have experience moving pianos. This will ensure that your piano is moved safely and without damage.

2. Make sure the path from your old home to your new home is clear of obstacles. Pianos are large and bulky, so you’ll need to make sure there’s a clear path for them to be moved.
3. Protect your piano with blankets or pads during the move. This will help prevent any scratches or dents from occurring during the move.
4. Keep your piano in tune after the move. Pianos can go out of tune easily during a move, so it’s important to have them tuned once you’ve settled into your new home.

Following these tips will help ensure that your first piano move goes smoothly without any issues. Hiring professional movers, protecting your piano, and keeping it in tune after the move are all important factors. By following these tips, you can rest assured knowing that your piano will arrive at its new home safely and in good condition.

The easiest way of having your piano moved is leaving it to the professionals. We can take care of everything involved in the move. Request a quote today!