How To Move The Piano Safely Over a Long Distance in 3 Steps

It is easy to get overwhelmed and worried while considering a piano move. As a result, it is critical to develop a game plan as soon as you know you will be making a relocation, whether within the same state or to a completely new one.

Add a monstrous-sized instrument to the mix, and have a party with these three safety guidelines for a piano moving.


  • The Risks of Moving a Piano Improperly

Moving a piano is a delicate task. If done incorrectly, it can cause serious harm to the piano and its owner.

Ensure that you have all the appropriate equipment and that everyone engaged understands how to lift swiftly.

Take your time unloading the piano when you get to your location. Allow someone to hold one end of the dolly or truck while guiding it. Before letting go, place it precisely where you want it.


  • How To Move It Safely
  1. Measure All The Stairwells, Doors, And Hallways

Before beginning the piano moving process, measure all staircases, doors, and halls to evaluate their transportation. Check if there is any furniture in the path. If you don’t want the piano to nick corners or be scratched, make sure you cover the sharp edges of the doors with extra towels or baby-proof bumpers.


  1. Use a Dolly

Dolly usage can be a huge help for anyone who wants to move a piano successfully. When moving a piano, the assistance of a six-wheel dolly can be invaluable. These dollies are appropriate for all surfaces. Keep in mind pianos are not small. It can be a lifesaver if you wish to decrease stress on your body.


  1. Utilize Ramps

Steps in front of entry points are common in residential structures. If you wish to remove a piano from a residence, you should get a ramp straight soon. Ramps aren’t just critical for this portion but are also necessary for vehicle loading. It can help you securely transport your piano into your vehicle.


Take Some Help

If you employ a professional moving firm, they should have enough staff to complete the work professionally and securely. However, if you plan to do it yourself, try enlisting as large a group as possible to carry your magnificent instrument.

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