How to Move a Grand Piano Into a Truck

Moving a grand piano is a tough, time-consuming, and risky task. Let’s be honest. Moving pianos is one of those tricky household furniture jobs. It gets considerably trickier if you don’t know which keys to press.

If you fall into this category and are looking for answers, take a deep breath because we have all the ideas and procedures you need to get from experts.

Form a Moving Crew

As soon as you know your relocation date, begin gathering friends and family who can assist you with your move. Because of the size and weight of these instruments, moving a grand or baby grand piano requires at least four people (including yourself).

Purchase the Necessary Supplies

Moving a grand piano or baby grand piano necessitates the use of a variety of hand tools to disassemble the piano, moving pads to cushion and safeguard the piano, wrap to protect the movable pads, moving straps to assure appropriate piano handling, and a piano skid to safely move your piano from your apartment to your moving truck.

Getting Your Piano Ready

First, remove the piano lid and all pedals. Then, remove the leg to the left of the keyboard, allowing your team to tilt the piano on its edge. Ensure careful to first place moving pads. Once the piano is on its side, the remaining legs can be removed. Cover any exposed areas of the instrument with moving pads and secure the cushioning with stretch wrap.

Start Moving After You’ve Secured the Piano

Once the body of your piano has been sufficiently covered, lift it onto the piano skid or four-wheel dolly. Then, secure the piano to the skid using ratchet straps and wheel it out of your house and onto your vehicle.

Ascertain that someone is driving the piano from both ends of the piano skid or four-wheel dolly. We also propose having one or two volunteers to provide direction, make a path, and serve as a spotter for the piano’s sides.

Once on board, lift the piano’s body off the skid and place it against one of the truck’s walls. Finally, use ratchet straps to connect the body to the truck’s slats. Cushion any objects you retrieved with moving mats and stretch wrap before loading them into the truck.

Final Thoughts

Pianos are noted for being both durable and delicate to play with. With over 10,000 moving components, it’s not surprising that even the smallest mistake can cause long-term harm to your piano. Furthermore, because pianos can weigh between 130 and 450 (or more!) kg, we strongly recommend using a professional moving company with piano moving skills and movers you can trust.

One such well-known professional piano mover in Pittsburgh is Forte Piano Movers. Our services can protect your piano while it is being moved to a truck.

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