Five Tips To Take Care Of Your Piano

The piano is a musical instrument that has a valuable contribution to modern and classical music. Besides being a  top musical instrument, it is also a beautiful piece of furniture in your home. This article is about five tips to take care of your piano.

Voice Your Piano Regularly

Piano voicing is changing the quality of tone that your piano is producing. You can relate this with the change of treble and bass on a stereo system. However, voicing your piano can be a little more complex. You can achieve separate tones by fiddling with the rigidity of the hammers that hit the strings.

Give it Space to breathe

Optimum ventilation is crucial to make your piano function properly. It is advisable to place it either at the center of a room or at the partition between two rooms. Never position it next to the wall or window.

Maintain an Optimum Humidity

Some piano parts, such as felt, cloth, and wood, are very susceptible to humidity. Make sure the humidity level remains between 40 to 50 percent around that area. It’s advisable to place a damp chaser inside the piano to keep an ideal humidity level.

Clean Your Keys

Dust, dirt, and oil accumulation on your piano keys can create a problem. But relax, there is no need to hire a professional for this. You can clean your piano keys yourself with a soft cloth with a bit of warm water or vinegar.

Don’t Use Piano for Multiple Intentions

A flower vase might look good on the top of a piano. However, in that case, there are chances for water spillage, which can cause critical damage to your piano. Heavier objects can also result in a change of tone.

Besides taking care of your piano, you don’t want to carry the piano yourself while transporting it from one location to the other. Forte Piano Movers can help you out with moving a piano safely. 

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