Factors Affecting The Number of People To Move a Piano

Pianos are elegant, attractive, and versatile—but they are also huge. If you have ever tried to move one of these instruments, you know it’s not something a single person can do. But how many people are required to transport a piano? Several things influence the answer.

Type of Piano


Foremost, you must determine the form of the piano. A tiny spinet or console may be transported by two persons; however, a bigger studio or traditional upright piano may take three or four. Professional assistance may be necessary to transport the piano from one location to another. Three or four competent individuals can manage the components of a baby or parlor grand. A semi-concert or concert grand may require the assistance of six people to move.




Even tiny console pianos weigh between 300 and 400 pounds, making them difficult to carry on their own for even the fittest homeowner. Oversized pianos can weigh up to 1,000 pounds, adding to the challenge. A professional mover will arrive with blankets and straps to guarantee a smooth and damage-free transfer.



The price of the piano should also be considered. If you have a small upright that was previously owned, you may not need much assistance. However, high-quality grand pianos can easily cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, causing the use of a professional mover.



Temperature influences pianos. They usually require a constant room temperature to function effectively. Adverse or shifting temperatures might render the piano unusable or cause costly damage.


Consider the season you’re moving in, and avoid summers if because of excessive heat and humidity. If your piano is left in a moving truck for an extended period under humid circumstances, it might sustain significant damage. If possible, choose moving firms with temperature-controlled vehicles; the extra expense will be well worth it if you cherish your piano.


The criterion listed above has a significant impact on the number of people who move the piano. Forte Piano Movers is the finest pick for the best piano moving services in Pittsburgh. Contact us right now by going to the contact page.