Do's and Don'ts of Storing a Piano

It’s not always easy to decide where to keep a piano. You know that there is a possibility that your antique grand piano, new electric piano, or prized upright will be destroyed. Follow these dos and don’ts while storing your most prized musical instrument to avoid costly repairs or unnecessary replacements.

Do: Choose climate-controlled storage

Even if you are simply storing the piano for a few weeks, climate-controlled storage is required. One unusually cold or humid day might cause the soundboard of the piano to shrink or swell, and the piano may never sound the same again. The temperature and humidity will be kept equal to that of a house in a climate-controlled facility, so your piano will not be prone to this harm.

Do: Clean the instrument

Parts of your piano may have gathered dust and dirt, which might cause structural harm if stored in this state. To avoid this, get your piano cleaned professionally or clean it yourself with a lint-free soft cloth, white vinegar-water combination, feather duster, and polish. As an extremely acidic cleaner might cause etching, make the cleaning solution with one part vinegar to four parts warm water.

Don't: Store it directly on the floor

Even in an indoor, climate-controlled room, a liquid might leak into a neighboring unit. The liquid can leak through the wall and dampen the piano legs, causing the finish to peel off or the wood to decay.

Place a pallet on the ground, cover it with a tarp, and then place your piano on top of it. The piano is not only elevated off the floor in this manner but there is also a moisture barrier (the tarp) between the piano and the ground.

Don't: Disassemble your piano

Disassembling some sections of your piano may appear to be a good idea. Do not pursue it. If you remove the lid or the soundboard, the strings and other tiny pieces will be revealed.

These are a few things to think about when storing your piano. It is critical to remember these dos and don’ts. Forte Piano Movers may be reached at 412-756-6399 for additional information.