Does Piano Moving Affects Its Sound

Pianos are one of the unique yet beautiful instruments played by music lovers since the past. The reason being even a minor glitch like the tuning or any physical issue can be distressing for its owner. But, one question everybody asks is, does moving the piano impact its sound? Well, the simple answer is it depends on several reasons, which we will discuss in this post.

  • Climatic Changes

Pianos comprise two materials: wood and steel. The actual sound of the piano depends on these two materials. As a whole, pianos are sensitive to climatic change (both temperature & humidity). These parameters can affect the soundboard made up of wood. When the soundboard is affected, it causes changes in the strings’ tension and hence the sound. Therefore, it is advisable to tune every time after the successful piano move. 

  • Room Size & The Flooring Material

Another reason is the room size and its acoustics. In larger rooms, the sound gets lost, and vice versa. The carpet flooring can absorb the sound to a vast level, and hardwood flooring reflects it.

Final Verdict

As we got to know, humidity and moisture are the two weather parameters that affect the sound of the piano. So, always choose the highly professionalized piano mover like the Forte Piano Movers. And if possible, tune your piano every after its successful move.