Common Hardware’s Used By The Professional Piano Mover

Piano moving can be a lovely experience, especially from reputed brands like Forte Piano Movers. But it will be even more fascinating to know about the common hardwares used for its move. So, let’s start, then!


❖ Piano Dolly
Dollies carry a piano horizontally from one location to other. It can be a single or multiple-axle based on the piano’s size. Also, they have the middle lower axle with wheels to make it swivel.


❖ Piano Board
It is a board with a durable sheet to protect the piano’s expensive finish and comes with handles at the base.


❖ Dual Piano Dolly
Unlike other piano dollies with horizontal maneuvering, it helps the piano to lift vertically. It consists of foot pedals for its operation, four wheels, and two rubber-capped handles to take it along the path.


❖ Moving Blanket and Padding
It is a protective covering to protect your fragile piano instrument from any external damage due to accidental dings and bangs, bumps on the moving truck, humidity, and rain. Moreover, extra paddings are added for frailer exterior piano pieces.


❖ Lifting and Tying Straps
Keeping the piano secure is a critical parameter in any piano moving project. While carrying the fragile things on trucks, you must have noticed they have tied them with a string or a strap. Exactly the same function is done by lifting and tying straps here. It helps in a smoother transition from the truck safely and effortlessly.

We hope this little ray of knowledge will keep you enchanting for a long. Acquiring a professional piano moving service is needed for every piano owner for its smoother onboarding, just like the Forte Piano Movers. We are known for our quality and effortless piano-moving experiences like never before.