Can You Move The Upright Piano Yourself

Although most people consider a piano moving to be challenging; however, this is not the case. Moving a piano, especially an upright, undoubtedly can be a bit complicated, as its equipment is fragile, costly, and cherished.

So, such a piano should be handled with immense care. When you have the money, hiring a piano mover is a better option than transporting the piano yourself. However, you can move the upright piano yourself to some extent. Let’s find out how.


  • Things To Know Before Moving An Upright Piano
  • A set of well-maintained piano wheels is essential equipment to relocate a piano. These are pretty sturdy underneath the piano in the center.
  • Inquire about access to the property at the collecting and delivery addresses, plus where the piano will come from and depart.
  • Take note of any steps leading up to the front entrance. If there are only a couple, the piano wheels can navigate the piano up them; however, if there are more, you will require additional work power.


  • What Do I Need to Move a Piano on My Own?

Moving an upright piano will be difficult, but it is doable. To move your piano securely, you will need some special equipment.

  • Moving blankets
  • Packing foam
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Dolly or hand truck
  • Down straps
  • Work gloves
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Piano board or a grand board

You will also need at least four or five individuals to assist you in moving a piano. Two people can go on either side of the piano, and the third person can securely lead them.


  • How Do I Disassemble and Move an Upright Piano?

To preserve the upright piano pedals and piano keys, cover them with bubble wrap and then tape them down.

Then, wrap the entire piano in moving blankets and fasten it with tape all the way around. You can now use straps on the piano if you have them. Lift the piano with one or two persons on each side; while another person moves the piano dolly underneath it. The reason is you don’t want to harm the internal walls by moving the piano.

When transporting the piano onto the truck, use the piano’s tie-down straps to keep it tight.


Hiring a Professional Piano Mover

When moving an upright piano, it is advised to use a professional piano moving service. A fast web search will help you identify skilled piano movers in your region if you are moving locally.

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