Brief Insight About Spinet Piano

A spinet piano can be called a close relative to an upright piano because of its small size and appealing wood consoles. But that’s not all: it’s also reasonably priced.

Despite being invented in the 16th century, they are still used today. This blog will provide a quick overview of the oldest piano.

But first, let’s define what a spinet piano is.


  • About spinet piano

A spinet piano is a combination of a piano and a harpsichord. Its tiny form stands 30 to 40 inches tall. The reason for its name is due to its one string per note. They are also available in wing-like appearance, which weigh around 200-300lbs.


  • Reasons People Buy Spinet Pianos Today

They are more economical than upright pianos and also take up less space. Due to these features, it is one of the preferable options among beginners, yet its sound quality could be its drawback.


  • How should a spinet piano be moved?

You come across a spinet piano in good shape, at a low price, and also not too far away. But how do you move it?

Just pack it up, carry it under your arm, and throw it in your trunk like a keyboard.

If that is your thinking, then you are on the wrong train!

Plan transportation, keeping it safe on its route to your house. Here are some movement tips for a spinet piano:


  • Protect the keys and pedals.

Cover your spinet’s keys and pedals with moving pads or blankets. Belts or packing tape should fasten this protective cushioning. Before loading the spinet into the vehicle, ensure that the top, front, back, and sides are protected and padded.


  • Make use of a piano board.

A piano board is used for moving spinets and upright pianos. When moving the spinet with a dolly, lay this board against the rear. It protects your spinet and keeps the weight balanced when you move it from place to place.


  • Load it correctly.

When moving, never lay a spinet or piano on its side. It might harm the instrument and take up extra room in your truck. Place the spinet against the rear of the moving vehicle when loading it. If you relocate many pieces of furniture, it offers instrument support and frees up space for other objects. An E-track or locking belt can secure the spinet.


  • Take two measurements.

Ensure you have exact measurements before unloading the spinet at its destination. Measure the spinet (after it has been wrapped) and at the entrances in your home. Then you’ll know where the spinet should go in your house and the best way to get it there.



The information above provides a quick overview of the oldest piano in the picture, including why they are still used today and how to move them.

The first point can be easily understood. But let’s get to the second issue- how to move a spinet piano. You can, however, relocate it on your own.

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