5 Things To Do Before Your Piano Mover Arrives

Whether you are moving your piano just a few meters or across the nation, it can sometimes be extremely challenging. Hiring a professional piano moving company, on the other hand, makes things a lot easier because they have the knowledge, abilities, and tools needed to handle and deliver your priceless instrument with care.

Piano movers have years of expertise managing and shipping pianos, but there are a few things you can do to assist them before they arrive.


  1. Examine your piano

You know your movers will treat your instrument with care, but it’s recommended to check beforehand for any damage, dinged, or chipped. You can even click its photo to file a claim with your insurance carrier.


  1. Remove any decorations

Pianos are popularly used to display family pictures, houseplants, and other items. Remove and store all this stuff beforehand so that movers do not have to perform extra labor.


  1. Clean your piano before moving it

Before moving your piano to a new location, it’s usually a good idea to wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris. We recommend using a soft wet cloth. Unlike piano polishes, which might leave pad markings on your piano during the transfer, a simple cloth dampened with water can do the work – and keep your piano safe!


  1. Secure the piano

You should secure the keyboard cover by locking it down before the movers come. The lid should also be fixed to prevent it from popping in the middle of a transfer. You may need to strap the keyboard cover or piano lid shut if it does not lock. The precise geometry of your piano will decide how best to accomplish this. If you are unsure, contact the movers and get their assistance.


  1. Make a specific path for the piano move

When the staff from your piano moving business comes, they will need to go through your home to plan where your piano is to be moved. If any furniture, plants, or other stuff is in the way, you should remove it beforehand.

Forte Piano Movers are experts in moving piano! So, relax, and unwind with our first-rate services right at your doorstep.