4 Myths About Long-Distance Piano Transport

There are several reasons you might need to relocate a piano over a great distance. Perhaps you and your family are relocating to a new house in a distant state, or you want to relocate the family piano to another family member who could benefit from it.

Whatever your motivation for relocating your piano across the nation, there are a few prevalent misunderstandings about what it takes to transport this sort of instrument across great distances.

Forte Piano Movers’ friendly staff wants to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes we’ve seen many of our clients make in the past.

1. All Piano Movers in the United States Are the Same

We’d want to state that all piano moving firms are fully trustworthy and do an excellent job, but this is just not the case.

That’s why you should always conduct extensive research on the piano movers you’re contemplating hiring to ensure they’ll have your best interests (and the best interests of your piano) in mind. Read reviews and request a free estimate to ensure that the pricing is appropriate for your service.

2. A Piano Can Be Moved By Any Moving Company

A good moving firm is an important aspect of any cross-country relocation, but most movers are not trained in the specialized specialty of transporting pianos.

Hire a skilled piano mover in addition to your ordinary movers to ensure that your instrument is relocated gently and safely.

3. When a piano is damaged, it is simple to repair

Pianos are pricey instruments that, depending on the problem, might be quite difficult to repair. To minimize damage during your long-distance transfer, the best course of action is to contact professional piano movers.

4. Moving a Piano Is Simple and Quick

If you’re considering a cross-country relocation, transporting your piano may not be your top priority. However, such a massive and delicate item needs great preparation and thought if you want to maintain it in good condition before and after the relocation.v


We understand—misconceptions happen! You see why dealing with a piano moving company is so vital to keep your instrument safe during your next large move now that you have a better understanding of what it takes to transport a piano with piano movers cross-country. Forte Piano Movers can help you safely move your piano from one city to the other.