Why You Should Refinish Your Piano

  1. Maintain Your Piano in the Family– The piano, which was once alive with motion and glorious sound and surrounded by the entire family, is now merely collecting dust. But, despite all this, there is still living in that old family piano. A life that is waiting to be rebuilt so that wonderful music can once again fill the home.


  1. Not Yet Prepared for Piano Heaven– Humans have a life expectancy of 85-90 years old as of 2017. Our bodies break down, grow fatigued, and finally fail as we age. Our pianos are quite similar to our bodies, and we can do many things to extend the life of our pianos, such as basic maintenance or, with a piano, a total rebuild and refinish.


  1. Memories Beyond Repair– Most pianos that have been loved for a long time require repairs. Repairs can be expensive, especially when several modest repairs are performed by a piano technician over multiple trips. The trick is to properly repair and refinish the piano before having it serviced annually.


  1. Less Expensive Than You Think– The cost of refinishing your piano may vary depending on several circumstances, but the cost of refinishing and restoring your piano will frequently be far less than the cost of acquiring a new piano of the same quality.

The cost will be determined by whether you want to partially restore or fully restore and refinish your piano, which may include work done on both the inside and outside of the piano.


  1. Give Your Piano a New Look– Is the color or style of your piano out of date? Your piano may have the same appearance as other pieces of old furniture and/or cupboards in your home that do not complement your current décor. However, your piano does not have to be an eyesore.

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