What Are the Risks of Moving a Piano?

The piano is a costly musical instrument that must be relocated with considerable care and competence. It is dangerous to move it on your own. Mishandling the instrument might result in irreparable harm.

It is possible to save money by not employing professional piano movers. However, the cost of transporting the piano is cheaper than the cost of repairing or replacing a broken element. So, why take the chance? It’s a good idea to do some little DIY tasks. The piano, on the other hand, is a large and hefty musical instrument. This is not a small undertaking.

A professional touch is required to prepare and move a piano. If you are still thinking about moving your piano, make sure you are aware of the risks involved.


  • Injury

If you want to transport the instrument in a tiny automobile, reconsider. Don’t forget to consider the piano’s size and weight. Improper handling might result in serious harm. Your medical bills will exceed the cost of transferring the piano. You might potentially endanger your children or pets.

Lifting, loading, transferring, and reloading the instrument securely necessitates the use of specialized equipment and tools. Using this equipment and tools reduces the possibility of injury or damage. Professional piano movers use heavy-duty piano straps, dollies, and other tools and equipment. As a result, no one will be harmed.


  • Damage

It is a delicate musical instrument with several complicated operating parts. Your carelessness may result in pricey repairs. It can also cause irreversible damage. You may need to purchase a new piano. Do you have the necessary time, money, and other resources?

A little mistake might result in significant harm to the instrument or property. Broken door frames, dinged walls, and scuffed flooring is all possibilities. If you live in a rental property, you should be prepared to pay hefty maintenance bills.

On the other hand, if you hire professionals who are experienced in packing and moving, you won’t have to worry about these issues. Their ability to complete the job safely and efficiently gives you peace of mind. This also ensures that your piano is moved safely to your new location.


  • Liability

Improper handling and transportation can result in damage or injury, which can lead to a lawsuit. This is damaging to your reputation. This can also devastate your relationships.


  • Uncertainty

Why are you thinking of relocating your piano yourself? Is it because you wish to save money on piano moving? However, do you know how many extra hands you’ll need to lift your grand piano, which weighs over 1000 pounds? Do you realize the dolly can support the weight of the instrument? There are several additional unknowns in this employment.

Given the foregoing, it is strongly advised to consult with professional piano movers such as Forte Piano Movers. Please contact us at 412-756-6399.